Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's been raining for days now. We've been working on ways to keep all of this precious water on site. As long as this house has been here (100 years now) the water has flowed off our roof and through the yard straight back to our neighbor's basement. When they recently dug out yards and yards of dirt to put in a foundation I teased them that it was "all our topsoil". Since we're growing food in the garden now we need to keep that topsoil and that water here. We can't afford to just let it run off to the city storm drain or our neighbor's basement.

In the garden we slow it and sink it using swales to direct the water flow. From the the roof we collect it for use in the garden during the growing season. Our 1350 gallon rainwater catchment tank has been overflowing all Winter. It has been full since the first storm of the season. We need another tank. More on our rainwater catchment system soon. I've got to get the 'engineer' to do that blog entry.

Enjoy the rain while it lasts. As you can see our ducks certainly do!