Monday, May 3, 2010

Swarm Season is Here!

The air around the neighborhood is buzzing. We were able to set up two new hives in the past two weeks. One came from the front porch of Lily's house and the other was a swarm that landed in a tree down the street. We shook the swarm into an hive box and they went to work.

So, we're ready for Summer! Our neighbors really missed having our bees around after we lost our two hives over the Winter. They'll be happy to know we're back in business.

Here's a copy of a note left on our front door last Summer:

"Hi Neighbors,
I hear ducks quacking.
I get bees in my back yard.
I hear banjo music, which I love.
You guys are the best neighbors EVER!!"


Lorraine said...

How can I find out when swarm season comes to my area? Are there maps for that, like growing season?

Urban Homesteaders said...

Honeybees swarm in the Spring when the weather turns warm. Check with your local beekeepers association. They often have a Swarm List you can add your name to if you are ready for bees. Good luck!

Homegrown Evolution said...

What a nice note.

And, yeah, swarm season is here! Got bee stories to tell you the next time we chat. Hope you are all doing well.

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