Sunday, August 28, 2011

Community Cider Pressing and Old-Time Music Jam

Ahhh! The might Gravenstein apple! It's that time of year in Sonoma County. The Gravensteins are rolling down the streets of our neighborhood and we just couldn't see them go to waste. So, we dusted off the family apple press and put out the word for folks to bring their apples over. Some people wanted apple juice and some people were pressing specifically to make their own hard cider. Either way it was a fun event.

We hosed off the press, put it away and moved to the front porch for an Old-Time music jam with friends from the East Bay, San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Followed by a potluck supper (always an amazing array of fabulous fresh and local food) including Belma's perfect chile rellenos, our homemade hard cider and a local turkey served with plum chutney. Then, out back to continue playing music with the ducks and chickens.

Jude and Eric walked downtown to pick up some ice cream and we broke again for dessert! Apple pie and apple cobbler, chocolate zucchini cake and plum ginger sorbet. Then, off to the living room to continue playing and singing into the evening. Thanks to Steve for bringing his amazing song book!